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Full Obstetric Package £8,500
see below for more information
Loyalty Obstetric Package £8,000
see below for more information
From 32 Weeks Gestation
see below for more information
Caesarean Section Only
see below for more information

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Obstetric Fees: November 2018
Full Obstetric Care Package £8,500
Includes all antenatal visits, delivery, and postnatal care with your obstetrician usually until 6 weeks after birth.

Loyalty Obstetric Package £8,000

From 32 Weeks Gestation £7,000

Caesarean Section Only £5,000
*To include one pre and one post natal consultation. Any additional pre natal consultations in this package are charged at £250.

Antenatal Care Only £550 per month
One-off Consultation £275
Gynae fees:
new patient consultation £275 and follow up £225.

*These are limited to the fees paid to your obstetrician. They do not include the costs of investigations or hospital charges.
Your Obstetricians
Ms Katrina Erskine works as part of a small team of consultants offering private antenatal care and delivery. She offers a range of services from Single Consultations to Complete packages of Pregnancy Care.

She works alongside other highly respected consultants:
Mr O’Brien and Miss Claire Mellon to provide 24 hour consultant cover. All three have consultant appointments at London teaching hospitals.

The Consulting Suite
The Portland Hospital
212 Great Portland Street
London W1W 5QN

020 7580 4400
Fax 020 7390 8478
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